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Cybersecurity training

A lot of the cyberthreats that you discover every day may not have been addressed or specified the right way. For the majority of the time, viruses are hidden in a link or in the attached files that arrive at your employee’s inbox. Once downloaded, the user gives the malware access to your company’s system without even realising it.

The security would also be put at risk when employees and external workers access the system via their personal devices. It’s still considered as a hazard because they work outside the protection methods that were implemented in the company. Thus, they become a way of entry for hackers.

Cybersecurity training for employees and external workers is necessary if you want to reduce the number of vulnerabilities that you have in your organisation. Vulnerabilities can cause attacks to occur on a daily basis, which can compromise the productivity and trust within your business.

Here you can choose from our special trainings and courses:

Vulnerability Management

Risk Based VM
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IT Security Awareness

Social Engineering
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Ethical Hacking

The offensive perspective
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GDPR & Secure Coding

A Practical Guide
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Security for Developers

An Offensive Approach
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Human Vulnerability Firewall

For connected people
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Human Vulnerability Profiling

Human Assessment
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