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In mid-March last year, the WHO officially declared that the world was facing a pandemic, and countries were in a hurry to take measures to stop the spread. A rational measure to limit the exposure was to move companies to work from a distance. However, with practically no time to cope with transition, many companies have not had time to take appropriate cybersecurity measures, making them vulnerable to a number of new and terrible security risks.

One of the most common risks was attacks against protocols used by employees to remotely access the organization’s resources.

RDP is probably the most popular remote protocol for the desktop and is used to access Windows or certain servers. After moving to remote work, the “brute-force” attacks against this protocol have increased significantly.

In a brute-force attack, attackers test different usernames and passwords until the right combination is found – and they have access to the organization’s resources.

In the last year, although the total number of brute-force attacks has decreased, they have continued to increase compared to the total recorded before the beginning of the pandemic.

In February 2021 – almost a year after the beginning of the pandemic – there were 377.5 million brute force attacks – well over the 93.1 million discovered at the beginning of 2020.

That’s why any organization needs to have a Vulnerability Scanning service for exposed services like RDP, VPN, etc. More of that, the recurrence is paramount in the scanning process: daily/ weekly/ monthly.

SANDLINE offers a wide range of vulnerability scanning and together with CENTRALEYZER can ensure perfect Vulnerability Management for any type of client. 

Lately, the findings regarding the security of SSL VPN services and of course the famous vulnerabilities of some Email/ Webmail (Exchange) services have exploded on the market. SANDLINE and CENTRALEYEZER are fully prepared to offer security solutions to all the above vulnerabilities and much more. 

We are living in unmerciful cyberspace and all businesses must take the necessary steps to protect all their assets. The most efficient first step is to choose SANDLINE and CENTRALEYZER professional services!

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