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Human Vulnerability

Human operators are part of the cybernetic system and the main access gate to the overall hardware and software network.


Each has certain mindsets programs – attitudes, interests and intentions that fire chains of behavior – deep coded as mental frames, drives and social values.


Human Vulnerability is a specific code or metaprogram hard wired in human mind that can be exploited to cause harm. Exploitation may occur via a known or unknown attacker.

The human vulnerability profiling is the testing process used to identify possible mindset exploits that can be used for penetrating the system. This process includes a.i. profiling and face to face techniques.

Using a risk-based approach, human vulnerability profiling assessments may target different layers of human mindset, the most common being motivation reverse engineering, social values integration assessments, mental patterns profiling.

Human Vulnerability Profiling helps organizations identify vulnerabilities in their staff’s mindset including behaviors, attitudinal frames, motivations and social values that in certain environments can be used by third parties as exploits to access the cyber systems.

Whether your organization recruits, reassigns or promotes internally the human resources, assessing the human risk in each significant change of work environment is critical to ensure a resilient, evolving and adaptative human – cyber security frame.